Workers compensation is a system of rules designed to protect employees. It is a form of insurance payment that provides wage replacement and medical expenses to employees for any injuries or illness sustained at work.

Workers Compensation laws provide fixed monetary awards and thereby eliminate the need for litigation. It requires no proof of fault or negligence but only requires proof that you were at work when you were injured or that the sickness was caused by work related hazards. Unfortunately, just like regular insurance, there are lawyers and claims adjusters whose job it is to ensure that the company pays as little as possible to claimants.

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It is therefore important to contact an experienced Workers Compensation attorney soon after you are injured or develop symptoms that may be as a result of exposure to hazards at work. Our attorney will ensure that your claim is properly filed and work with the claim adjusters on your behalf to ensure that you receive full coverage and maximum benefits.

Time is often of the essence due to the need to preserve evidence. If you would like to get started on your claim, please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.